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Really weird Blue Screen of Death problem.

[BETA] BSOD Inspector

"Stop error" every time I turn my computer on

8.1 Blue Screens

3 Different BSOD'S today

3-4 BSOD every day since mobo upgrade

8.1 BSODs

4 BSOD's in first 24 hours after upgrade from Win7

2 sudden BSODs in less than a week.

About 7 BSOD in under 2 hrs What the heck is going on

[Help] How to fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 8 OS

A Few BSOD during Gaming and Skype Calls

2+ minutes to Restart followed by BSOD

Activation and Updates and Blue Screen

Anyone else with Avast get blue screens

Another BSOD - while I was posting something on FB

Any help please BSOD occurring a lot

Asus Laptop BSOD When Playing Video Games

Attempting to play music causes most of our bsod crashes

At least once a day BSOD multiple causes

Blank blue screen after startup before login.

BCD Corruption (BSOD related)

Blue Screens + No shutdown option.

Blue screens


blue screen of death !

Blues srceen - crash

Blue Screen - usbhub.sys

Blue screen

Blue screen every 3 minutes

Blue Screen Startup Error

Blue screen when enabling AHCI mode in Windows 8.1

Blue Screen When Shutting Off Windows Update Module

Blue Screen of Death at 0% complete

Blue Screens and feature problems

Blue screen error

Blue screen of death BSOD

Blue Screen of Death Issue

Boot problems and video_tdr_nvlddmkm.sys bsod on startup

Blue Screen of Death Windows 8.1 Problem

blue screen/message

Blue screens with different repeated errors

BSOD - Computer freezes with black screen

Blue Screen Drive_Power_State_Failure

BSOD after Stand-By or Sleep Mode

BSOD after sleep

BSOD - Multiple Errors. Custom PC

BSOD daily while YouTubing/browsing

BSOD after going into sleep mode

BSOD after start screen

BSOD after starting up PC.

BSOD - Critical_System_Corruption text at Blue Screen.

BSOD (monitor disable to show error code)

BSOD after hours of using and then moving the device

BSOD 5 minutes after startup

BSOD always with the wirelesss card Intel N-2230

BSOD after clean install in new computer

BSOD After Stepping Away (With Browser Open)

BSOD - before and after replacing RAM

Blue Screen help while gaming and video streaming

BSOD > Power supply failure > No network recognized;

BSOD after launching LOL

BSOD and computer freezes and restarts randomly

BSOD After Every Update Try

Blue Screen Problem

BSOD after a long break or open it out of sleep mode

BSOD and display problems

BSOD and randome restarts

BSOD and restart

Brand new day-old HP Pavilion sleek BSODs

Blue screen "shutting down"

BSOD after reinstalling windows 8.1 and MB drivers.

BSOD After Clicking Shutdown

BSOD (PC Pretty new)

BSOD After Windows Update

BSOD - occurs when I try to start from hibernation

BSOD - Getting alot of randoms error (laptop)

BSOD Crash

Blue Screen Error On Windows 8

Blue screen error when start - minidump

BSOD at Random Times Not Sure What is Causing it

BSOD at random encounters

BSOD after windows updates

BSOD at random times with multiple different

BSOD appearing often

BSOD at least 3x's a day randonmly

BSOD but can't see any error

BSOD and Pc error causing restarts

BSOD appears randomly with different codes

BSOD 3b on loading software

BSOD at startup

BSOD at random times after Win 8.1 Upgrade

BSOD After another

BSOD (Only occurs whilst gaming)

blue screen unexpected kernel mode trap IDSvia64.sys

Blue Screen Atheros Driver

BSOD During boot and after logged in succesfuly


BSOD all the time

BSOD being caused by on-board NIC

BSOD after install softwares such as AVG

BSOD Crashing

BSOD Crashes When Gaming

Blue screen in 3ds max

BSOD after updating.

Blue Screen in Windows log off mode

BSOD at windows start up

BSOD Playing Games

BSOD crash; reboot a data drive is not enabled

BSOD at playing games

BSOD after playing a game for a while

BSOD about 1 minute after starting

BSOD after changing settings in Wifi card

BSOD & Computer Freezing Problems

BSOD different error msgs

BSOD crash randomly occuring every few days

BSOD crashes

BSOD Constantly

BSOD after clean install

BSOD after shut down

BSOD crash my system

BSOD after/during a standby/hibernate

BSOD error

BSOD during shutdown

bsod crash while playing games

BSOD at first playing games. Then random crashes

BSOD after failed System Restore

BSOD at boot

BSOD every 1/2 days before and after mb/cpu/ram replace

BSOD during boot up - error 0xc000007b

BSOD at startup after Windows updates

BSOD Crashes at any moment.

BSOD after launching system NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM

BSOD at start-up

Bsod error help

Blue Screen MEMORY_MANAGEMENT 0x0000001a

BSOD frequently throughout the day

BSOD frequently when I start a games with a newly-built PC

BSOD issues cont.

BSOD frequently

BSOD After Sleep - Computer Restarts

BSOD after awaking from suspention mode

BSOD after using SSD

BSOD after Windows Icon and Windows start up music 8.1 PRO

BSOD Error when turning the Laptop on

BSoD during hibernate

BSOD less than five minutes into setting up new laptop

BSOD error at startup

BSOD appearing at random

BSOD during games

Bsod error and slow pc performance.

BSOD after installing 3rd Party Drivers

BSOD on Asus S400C

BSOD G750VX - random times

BSOD can some review this

BSOD - After loss of sound and powering down soundcard

BSOD Intermitted

BSOD nearly every day with different error codes

BSOD connecting to internet

BSOD on boot

BSOD Connecting to the internet

BSOD everytime after windows update

BSOD Continue after Replacing Bad RAM

BSOD everytime I hibernate and sometimes on sleep

BSOD from 0 to 20 times a day

BSOD during sleep twice

BSOD after installing new ram

BSOD on computer start up

BSOD on shut-down

BSOD on new PC

BSOD in games

BSOD on new desktop Computer

BSOD often

bsod on shutdown II

BSOD on Windows 8 Pro Running on HP Desktop

BSOD occuring when running multiple programs

BSOD Error Fix

BSOD older system

BSOD playing DAI

BSOD due to graphics card

BSOD every now and then

BSOD and computer crash.

BSOD on my new computer

BSOD and touchpad lag when watching media

BSOD at Startup everytime

BSOD every time I turn my computer on

BSOD every time I turn on computer here is dump

BSOD Only while gaming.

BSOD is Getting on my Nerves for my 3 Weeks Old Laptop!

BSOD playing games in general

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions


BSOD on every system start up

BSOD every time I open computer (out of sleep mode)

BSOD During boot at Win8.1 logo everytime pfn_list_corrupt

BSOD even after reinstalling windows.

BSOD happening whatever im doing

BSOD during game play

BSOD can't point to specific cause (Dump inside)

BSOD error (didnt see what error name was in time)

BSOD from YouTube

BSOD only on startup boot

BSOD on Shutdown

BSOD Issue

BSOD after manufacturer logo loads up

BSOD () while playing

BSOD only on shutdown

BSOD Only when away from PC

BSOD playing LoL

BSOD occurs frequently with different errors

BSOD random on bigger internet use (downloading)

BSOD multiple errors

BSOD Keep crashing.

BSOD help!

BSOD playing Skyrim

BSOD problem!

BSOD Randomly Shuts Off

BSOD I think

BSOD problem. Minddump files.

BSOD startup loop

BSOD right after startup

BSOD in W8.1 mostly while playing/quitting games

BSOD originally when playing video games. Now all the time

BSOD Watching youtube videos

BSOD on every startup (not on restart)

bsod suddenly did nothing special

BSOD Shutting Down Computer

BSOD when installing games

BSOD When Playing Games or Multiple Apps Running

BSOD on Toshiba Laptop! PLEASEEE HELP!

BSOD when playing games

BSOD trouble since reinstalling Windows.

BSOD Since PC Built

BSOD Problems

BSOD that apperes suddenly or at startup or just random

BSOD - please try and fix my new laptop

BSOD for no apparent reason

BSOD upon power on

BSOD sometimes daily use PC

BSOD when downloading/installing games

BSOD playing various games

BSOD problem during boot

BSOD on Win8.1 every 5 min while using Chrome

BSOD soon after start-up

BSOD playing video files

BSOD craches & Restarting issue

BSOD usually when playing games!

BSOD when i start laptop every second time

BSOD Upon Powering On ASUS Notebook

BSOD under light activity (browsing

BSOD when program fail to response

BSOD issues relating to graphics driver

bsod after reducing available RAM for startup

BSOD want to restore

BSOD after system goes to sleep

BSOD mainly in games

BSOD when removing and adding any USB device

BSOD trying to update win 8.1 and when using browser

BSOD problem in Windows 7

BSOD during typical operation

BSOD When playing

BSOD in win7+8

BSoD playing Minecraft

BSOD when gaming

BSOD when trying to shut down or sleep

BSOD when installing AMD Catalyst Drivers

BSOD When Launching TreePad

BSOD everytime you boot into Windows

BSOD on fresh installed computer

BSOD playing any games

BSOD from playing minecraft

BSoD when installing Wi-Fi driver.

BSOD when computer not in use

BSOD Issue while starting up.Debug Files Attached

BSOD occuring for the last 3 days.

BSOD since recovering laptop

BSOD BCD error need help quickly

BSOD when the PC has been in sleep mode

BSOD while playing games

BSOD starting with games but now more often

BSOD while watching YouTube

BSOD while turning off my compter.

Bsod playing youtube videos

BSOD while normally using the computer

BSOD wacthed videos.

BSOD on almost every startup of my new PC.

BSOD While using wifi

BSOD when disc burning and on first start up

BSOD Problem on New Computer

BSOD while playing Minecraft

BSOD problem that I've had for a long time

BSOD while performing back-up

BSOD when entering website

BSOD while Shut down

BSOD on New Install

BSOD while playing a game

BSOD with my new builded computer

BSOD on closed down and start up

BSOD while trying to connect WIFI on HP laptop with win8

BSOD while surfing in Chrome or listening to iTunes

BSOD on start

BSOD on shutdown and restart. No issue in safe mode

BSOD while watching video in chrome

BSOD Playing Video Game

BSOD with Windows 8.1 Update

BSOD with error while trying to operate in Steam

BSOD with wireless PCI adapter on new PC (win7)

BSOD Random Mini Dump Error

BSOD with a few errors now

BSoD with 4 different crash errors in 1 week.

BSOD while changing WiFi networks

BSOD when connecting to network

BSOD using wifi

BSOD while streaming YouTube Videos

Bsod-cant fix crashing!

BSOD usually while Gaming

BSOD's involving my third monitor and youtube.

BSOD since new graphics card

BSOD random when using computer

BSOD While playing some old games

BSOD when running games

BSOD when connecting to broadband internet

BSODs at boot time

BSOD Only in gaming!

BSOD watching videos/streams. error 0x124

BSOD Randomly Atleast twice a day

BSOD when downloading or watching videos(youtube

BSOD when returning from hibernate

BSOD_kernel memory dump crash after computer sleeps/standb

BSOD randonly using the PC

BSOD without gaming and after plugged in new videocard

BSODs After reinstalling windows three times

BSOD While windows is loading

BSOD's during games on daily basis

BSOD while reading an article online - these happen often

BSOD when in sleep mode

bsod require help :(

BSOD when shutting down or restarting PC

BSOD Win 8.1 happening very often now

BSOD problem while in games

BSOD when system has to "think" much

BSOD while connecting to WIFI network

BSOD while doing anything at any time.

bsod DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE plus sceenshot

BSODs after using the 'Reset your PC' function

BSOD when trying to connect to wifi

BSOD during start up

BSOD While Idle Before and After Fresh Install.

BSOD with some Steam/Valve Games.

BSOD for various reasons

BSOD when computer goes to sleep

BSOD related with my graphic card

BSOD while playing graphicly intensive games

BSODs or Crashes While Playing Games

BSOD while on reputable website

BSOD`s appearing in a patern ( 12 of them )

BSOD Issues

BSOD when I play games or just watch netflix

BSOD with general laptop usage.

BSODs - different error messages

BSOD when windows start

BSOD while Hibernating

BSOD while connecting to Internet

BSOD on window start up

BSOD shortly after login

BSOD while computer was 'sleep' overnight

BSOD when searching plug & play hardware

BSODs After Update and Patch

BSOD while in the process of shutting down pc

BSOD often on start up

BSODs still occurring even after.

BSOD while scanning for hardware changes

BSOD while trying to shutdown

BSOD without the Bluescreen. I'll explain

BSODs from Intel graphics drivers

BSOD when playing any game

BSOD while computer is just running

BSOD when shutting down or restarting my computer

BSODs playing ANY graphically-intensive game

BSOD: 0x00000116

BSOD playing a game

BSOD started randomly to occur.

BSODs hapenning weekly with diferent sources.

BSOD while I play any videos or media files. Even in games

BSOD/Crashes/Freezes while Gaming

BSOD while playing various games | 0x124_GenuineIntel_PCIE

Can someone please help with my BSOD problem

cannot install win 8.1 blue screen error problem

BSODs completely at random even after reinstalling Windows

BSOD then frezzing .

BSOD's after fresh install

Cannot find cause of BSOD

BSOD while not using pc occuring 1-2x a day

BSOD's while Playing Games

BSOD with different errors

Can't access computer to fix BSOD

BSOD: different errors (no special reason)

Bsod's on windows 8.1 and 7

Computer BSOD at night on occasion.

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