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Oh wow, what an amazing feat of technology." Over dramatic much? It was a good idea to allow Windows to run these touch based apps, but instead of one-interface-to-rule-them-all (which they failed at, twice!), they should have created a couple interfaces that Some of you are making it out to be a much more drastic change than it really is. Another thing is funny though, there are other sites saying this is not really the final of the update, and when it is officially released via updates in April, it won't

undead overlord dan there not talking about a tablet its dumm Xplorer4x4 Why do you need a touchscreen so badly for Win8? From now on I count you as a hater and a troll. http://get-cover.blogspot.com/ fazil baig Anyone knows the professional key of Window 8.1 ? Dan Time traveling device malfunction!

The Verge. What are your thoughts on that? You could show the average person 12 different ways to do something, and if for whatever reason they can't do it the one way they're used to, they don't want to I'll just wait on the official patch.

Vox Media. Then, select the large "Update to Windows 8.1 for free" tile in the Windows Store. Its called running a business. I like both updates not because I thought it made it easier for me to use my keyboard and mouse but because it just made it easier in general IceSage What

They all come with Windows pre installed, which is annoying to say the least. Windows portal. Neowin, LLC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_8.1 Dan I'm curious, how did you measure efficiency on user interfaces?

NT5.x editions' setup bulk size: 500-600 MB (after setup takes up in disk 1-3 GB) NT6.x editions' setup bulk size: 2-3 GB (after setup takes up in disk 10-15 GB) (What The chess game - Chess Titans - was originally created by Oberon. No pun… jonzey231 Here's a link to my hands-on. Microsoft.

Timothy Zhu People who complain about Win8's UI can simply download a 3rd party add-on to fix that. https://www.extremetech.com/computing/178091-how-to-download-and-install-windows-8-1-update-1-for-free-right-now just a sprawling mess of duplicate folders and shortcuts, horrible when you have a ton of stuff installed. That's like saying give me a version of Windows without command prompt. Power options are obvious now, though I still don't think the average using coming from XP will think to click their username to log off or switch, but at least with

I own couple of Android devices and could try different Apple products as well and both have very good UI concepts to which users are happily adapt. The only annoyance is it automatically activated boot to desktop and go to desktop when closing metro apps. and companies that made them (toshiba, fujitsu, sony etc.) lost a lot of money for it. You, like MS, are an idiot who doesnt seem to understand that if you want people to pay money for your product, you need to give them the product they want.

On the rare occasion that you find yourself thrust into the new Metro interface, at least the latest version of Windows 8.1 makes the whole experience feel a little less you're being Financial Times. ^ a b c d Rodgers, Evan (June 26, 2013). "Windows 8.1: a first look at what Microsoft is changing". The Register. While it is not perfect, it generally is a nice stable version of Windows with some nice tweaks and performance boost over Win 7.

Visible enhancements include an improved Start screen, additional snap views, additional bundled apps, tighter OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) integration, Internet Explorer 11, a Bing-powered unified search system, restoration of a visible Start Financial Times. That's why you need the power button.

The Start menu is coming back to Windows".

I'm upgrading a Windows tablet next to see what I find. It has nothing to do with intelligence or stupidity. Read Article Get the Most From Your Tech With Our Daily Tips Email Address Sign Up There was an error. For basic Windows 8 information, like system requirements, see my Windows 8: Important Facts.

Please enter a valid email address. Retrieved November 3, 2013. ^ "Microsoft's Chaitanya Sareen gets candid on the evolution of Windows 8". In his report, he indicated that as Windows 7 support will be provided until 2020, enterprises should directly migrate to Windows 10 after it is released. Just follow these simple instructions.

The links are at this site though. :) http://www.ngohq.com/news/24606-windows-8-1-update-1-final.html http://www.mrseb.co.uk/ Sebastian Anthony Hooray! All that is a given, but how many other products out there came out perfect in version 1.0? Or did you ever stop to think that not all change is good? In fact, Microsoft did exactly what you claimed "doesn't make sense." They took a feature of their OS, completely removed it, and added something else instead, because they claimed "Nobody used

Mashnoon Ibtesum those options aren't available for touch users (?) U can always google to find if there's any way to enable it tho :D kakahoho Thanks. The Verge. Do you understand? Dan Who is more stupid or who looks more like a moron?