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Realtek HD AManager keeps Popping Up! my mic aint plugged in!

Really slow boot up and shutdown

Realtek r178 drivers no sound

Really slow DVD drive

Realtek HD Speakers are garbled

Realtek 97 Audio - Sound Bad

RealTek Driver Issues Running Ultima Online

Really Need Help - Bad Sound

Realtek Mic doesn't work after reboot

Realteck trouble---- wierd

really long startup time.

Really messed up sound.

RealTek Audio Drivers Reinstall Randomly

"Find Devices and Content" turns off every time I reboot

"get windows 10" box keeps popping up

*HELP!* Windows 8 Boot Menu not showing

"Optimization not available" for SSD.

"Memory Management" BSOD after re-installing Windows 8

"People" app error -"your password has changed"

0x80073cf0 error when i try to install fifa 14 on my pc

[Win10] Installation problems.

[Win10] Installation question

"Open With" not showing up on png pictures

"Start" Icon can be restored in traditional desktop

(urgent!) How to revert Advanced Security settings

0x109 Frequent Critical Structure Corruption BSODs

.NET framework not installing (Error code 0x800F081F)

.exe that send key {win} (to bring astart menu in touch)

[Nightly 03:00 Restarts] BSOD / Restarting Overnight

[OblyTile] I cannot change Windows Store icon

"Desktop" shortcut on Start menu does not work

100% disk usage randomly

16 Bit DOS Program won't run in Win 8 32bit

1-HotMail & 1-Local users. Can I merge to 1-Live user

[IE] any way to keep the app without setting as default

10 Second Hang before Login Screen

2 of 4 laptop USB 3.0 ports dont work correctly

"Start" text in StartScreen - change

[Problem] Modern app loads on boot

10 messing up earlier OS!

(Kernel-Power Event ID 41) System reboots.

(NETIO.SYS) Keep getting this BSOD every couple of weeks

8.1 does not recognize additional cores in cpu upgrade

8.1 preview has expired

[Windows 8] I cant open folders and sometimes apps.

8.1 Screen edge auto arrange and Shift+ windows + arrow

8.1 Update on Dual Boot PC

[Drivers for windows 8] should I download them from Mother

[File Explorer] Can I Change This

"Evaluation Copy" watermark

8 Enterprise Legacy-UEFI problem doing Acer recovery

3 errors repeated 170 times after laptop freeze - pls help

[W8.1] Share for Everyone still asks for network password

8.1 Updated Failed - Cant boot "winload.exe is missing"

55% Windows 8 installation freeze up

8.1 camera app: no resolution setting

{PROBLEM} How to change Start {Menu} language


8.1 pro volume license key fails when installing from USB

(Desktop) Change Inactive Window Colour

A way to access boot menu on startup

A Classic Desktop That Looks Like THIS!

A process minimised on the taskbar will not restore

A homegroup can only be created on a private network.

3am automated update for windows

8.1 install error 0xC1900101-0x40019

Accidentally moved my Pictures folder

8.1 upgrade generic video driver problem

A little problem with a nice tweak

Acer logo appears 2 times then starts windows.

8.1 won't boot MUP_FILE_SYSTEM Error

3200x1800 resolution making program text unreadable

4 Windows

Accidently Registers Custom System Image.

A Most Unhelpful Company - USB Issue - Can You Help

32-bit or 64-bit and 8 or 10 with current specifications

8.1: Awful text rendering and blurry system windows

Add Boot menu at start for Blue dual boot.

Activation after new motherboard installed

Acitivation Problem

8.1 cant see wireless printer

32 bit install problems

Add specific picture tile to start screen

Activation Error 0XC0000022 (Access Denied)

5 Minute Shutdown. Long Time for Sleep. Restart too.

Activation problem

A question about making a Recovery drive (please read)

A BSOD Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal (netio.sys) - again

Access boot menu

8.1 Problem with Notifications Icons

Activating windows and non-activated

Accidently deleted my Microsoft Admin account

After Windows 8.1 install keyboard has no input

Active windows deselect and then immediately reselects

Adapter becomes unresponsive constantly

A few problems since installing Windows 8

addressing reset and recovery options

Accidentaly changed admin account to standard user account

After reset Win 8.1 boot entry

Adjustment for high resolution displays

Additional codecs needed to play .mpg files

AHCI mode windows 8 pro

Aero feature

Admin rights problem

Action centre won't let me turn on anything

administrator account is gone

accidentally moving folders in explorer with drag/drop

Active windows tracking issue: focus lock on start button

All text is blurred

ALL Applications WONT run!

After recovery Windows 8.1 is no longer activated

Aero Lite Taskbar

Action Center often scans for disk errors

All Icons in Metro mode have become very large - How to change it back

Alternate way to disable Vari-Bright for Radeon graphics c

AMD CCC for HD 4290 appears to do nothing

Add a delay to hidden taskbar

Add 'Rename' to the Network icon

After login my onboard keyboard and mouse lock up

Admin Problems

Adding exceptions to SmartScreen Filter

AMD HD6650m drivers from windows 7 doesnt work! Screen flashes!

AMD 5470 Graphic card incompatible driver

Alternate Win 8 Touch Screen

Acer Aspire won't boot to CD or USB drive

All user folders have merged

All sound fades until loud sound is played USB headset.

all videos keep freezing and the shutdown feature doesn't work

All "Modern" apps including PC Settings non-functional

Action Center Message: Google Pack is Incompatible with Windows 8 Pro

All apps closed when awakening from sleep

Annoying Internet screen opening

AMD card not working after 8.1 Update

An update wrecked my ipcam working-which update

All apps tile control

After restart windows dont log in

Add icons to Windows icon folder

AMD Radeon 7400 HD Graphic card facing problem in Win8 Pro 64 bit

All metro apps

Add Desktop Toolbar to Task bar for additional functionality

AMD Radeon HD 6800M Stopped Working

Any Video driver that doesnt make metro dissappear

Any way to make text larger under ALL PROGRAMS

Activation problems

Alot Of Bsod

all power options are gone!

another sound crackling and skipping problem ! latencymon

App not allowing screen switching on initial start

Another Win 8 sound problem - music stutter

Anything that is in full screen mode randomly minimizes.

All Metro Apps open Windows Store instead of app itself

Apps List suddenly grouped by letter

After updating my windows 8

Aging PC getting BSOD after upgrade.

Administrator Rights error messages

Any way to enable Windows Update notifications

Any way to change text color on start screen

Alt+shift does'nt work

appearance of text has changed

Apps from the Windows Store will not OPEN!

A rather upsetting Win 8 problem

Apps not Working on Start Screen

antivirus compatible problem

Another "solution" for the freezing issue

Accidentally changed user from Administrator group to Standard

Apps losing focus

Are My Fonts Ugly Because I Use 1920x1080 Displays

Any idea of when I'll get my reserved copy of windows 10

APPS suddenly not on pc or in Windows Store

Applications will not show correct device names

Apps and SFC issue

App in Windows 8.1 Store do not update Automaticaly

Are there any updates to windows media player for the RTM

aero.msstyles image #s for Windows 8 Release Preview

Apps like MagicJack from one user stop working in another in Win8 Pro

Alternative layouts for start bar (too many programs!)

apps with just their text names - no live tiles

ati 4850 CCC doesn't work

Anyone Know Why Bluetooth Control Panel Item Missing

Anyone not do a clean install but .

Asus N56VJ WiFi connectivity issues after update

ASUS X55 Notebook Problem with Windows update

Anyone ran the winsat me in 8 yet

Any idea why Task Manager Pop-uped on its own

Are files safe in User folder if I do a Refresh

Annoyance with Metro tile arrangement

Anyone help fix the bcdedit and move bootmanager

Auto change of brightness/contrast while switching windows

ASUS computer will not open Windows Store to update system

Audio Muffled & Bass too High

Audio Drivers Messed up!

Automatic back to 'Metro' screen

Another big round of updates today.

Appliation to share individual windows across network

attempting upgrade from win 8.1 to win 10.

Audio Glitch After Desktop Background Change In Slide Show

ask: can not turn on Location in windows 8 privacy option

Any hope for blurry text problem

As W8 gets nearer will new W7 PC's be offered a free W8 upgrade

Asus Laptop Will Not Open Microsoft Store

Asus laptop Win8 stuck at Resetting PC 2%

Are Windows 8 drivers compatible with the ones from Win7

All open program close when screen is locked for some time

ati radeon x1600 driver not working

Asking After All These Years: Password Protected Sharing

Automatic updates stop laptop from working

AMD A8-7600 APU Driver issue

Any way to keep audio from desktop program going

Audio stutters and creates static

atikmdag.sys - Driver Install Failed.

Auzentech cards do not work

Any reported glitches so far with RTM builds

Audio choppy when idle - songs getting cut

are there any ten point touch supported apps for windows 8

Automatic search not working in 8.1 Start screen

Avast 8 Beta Not Playing Nice with Win 8.1 Preview

Asus N71JQ laptop freezing up requiring multiple reboots

Are you happy with Metro being on Windows 8 Desktop

Anyway to customize the User Tiles so they don't all look similar

Backing up my new w8.1 laptop

Another reason Microsoft should give windows 8 away for free.

Automate Desktop Backround Slide Show file selection

Automatic Windows 8 updates during login do not working

Background Windows responding to clicks

AVG antivirus makes windows 8 crash

Apps and Metro randomly starts up

amd mobility radeon 4200 messsed up

Bad_pool_caller & kernel_security_check_failed

After idle computer sleeps and blue screen upon wakeup

BDOS when idle

Apps instead of start menu

average wait to get Windows 10

AutoPlay Ask Me Window

Audio loss after X amount of time

Audio Increasing on it's Own

Back to start screen after restart during install

Bad (NO) Free WIN 8.1 update download on Lenovo laptop

Authentic Windows 8 Pro won't activate

Be Admin and keep Metro apps working

Avoid VPN drop when switching users

Biometrics For Domain User Not Working at Screen Lock

Avoiding permission errors when replacing computer

Auto sleep mode works but manual sleep does not

Black Square behind some of my Folder Icons

Basic notebook issue for a novice!

Backup and restore win 8 boot manager

Black screen after going idle

Bing News App Crashes Settings Corrupted

Bizarre Repeated Win Defender Update - Same One Over & Over

Audio over hdmi until i plug in earphones an unplug them.

Blank program popping up in taskbar

Blank Taskbar Icons for Windows Store Apps

Bloatware & Win 8 OEM PCs - is 8.1 preview a workaround

Automatically set text and scaling options when docked

Apps are not appearing in Windows Search

Bizarre crash notice every time I reboot my Atom tablet

Auto return to Metro UI from classic desktop

BDOS crash my laptop

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 - can't set 1920x1080 on VGA

Best Power Settings - Win 8 Server

Attempted to factory reset WIndows 8

Block Windows 10 Upgrade on Win8.x & Win7 PC's

Black screen with ASUS and circling dots in center

audio/sound not working after updated my windows

Bluetooth won't wake up from sleep

Blank tabs opening on taskbar

Blue Screen of death Dpc_Watchdog_Violation

Block shift-restart boot menu

Bluescreening (4 Times) On 1 Day old PC

Bandwidth limit on processes.

blu-ray reader not detected by windows

Best Method to Create System Recovery

Bitlocker issue

Bing News App issues with source icons

Bottom tool/taskbar now missing when in IE

Bluetooth Audio Device

Brand new laptop: Very slow and / or unresponsive.

Big problem to the acer unit

Brightness couldn't change after starting up

Bluetooth Disappeared from Device Manager - HELP!

Blue screen background in "Bubbles" Background

Bluetooth: Transfer automatically

Australian Keyboard Setting not holding

Bios Upgrade Then no internet

BOSD Random

browsers crashing occasional BSOD

Broken Metro Apps

Bootable USB to install Windows on MBR HDD

Broken start screen - whole Modern UI

Bluetooth Device Missing

BOSD while idle

Blank blue screen after click repair on win 8.1 install dv

Black Screen after teal windows before lock screen

Brief white flashes when opening new windows

Auto-hidden taskbar not always on top

Bitlocker missing from Windows 8.1 pro with Media Center!

Automatic restart and windows update

Boot Crash Loop

Blinking Windows login screen and dxgkrnl.sys can't load

Bluetooth Option Not In Settings

Black display after idle (random)

Bsod - dpc_watchdog_violation

Boot Ubuntu from win8 bootloader

BOSD most of the time when computer start up

Bsod - driver_irql_not_less_or_equal

Best Windows 10 edition for gaming

Browser tries to access Homegroup after logon

BSOD after Sleep mode

BSOD after screen lock up and no error message

Bridging Windows 8.1 laptop to a Windows 7 laptop


BSOD (KERNAL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR) on waking from sleep.

BSOD after some time working (No specific scenario)

BSOD & Clock_Watchdog_Timeout

BSOD and Crashing

Blue screen when installing Windows 8 in UEFI mode


BSOD and Event Viewer Issues

BSOD and Freezes when downloading

BSOD 0xc000000d + black screen everytime!

Bluetooth sudenly gone/deleted/stoped working

BSOD (System_Thread_Exception_Not_Handled (nvlddmkm.sys))

BSOD + Restarts without wifi

BSoD coming out of sleep mode

Bsod driver_verifier_iomanager_voilation

BSOD dpc_watchdog_error about 30 seconds into startup

BSOD dpc_watchdog_violation (0x00000133) on boot

BSOD DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION all the time. Can't boot.

Brightness Problems

Bring Back Gadgets

Boot Time and Driver Problems

BSOD at random and when computer is moved or bumped into

Bluetooth and Wifi no on/off switch in PC settings

BSOD due to DPC_watchdog_violation

BSOD after Kaspersky starts working

BSOD at random moments mostly installing new software

BSOD connecting to VPN (Sonicwall)

BSOD dpc_watchdog_error

Bootscreen resolution wrong for 1280x1024

BSOD - Critical_Structure_Corruption (109)

BSOD - Driver IRQL or Less - Netio Sys

Black boxes replacing shortcut arrows on reboot.

BSOD During Game and then following the latest update


BSOD caused by ntoskrnl.exe driver while dwnldng torrent

BSOD error drive not less or equal netio.sys(minidump inc)

BCDEDIT Command Fails

BSOD after idling for a while


BSOD Graphics card issue/Avast Issue

BSOD after creating new user

BCD Error for Lenovo Windows 8

boot problem while installing windows _

BSOD at Random


BSOD DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION w/ dmp files (Windows 8 Pro)

BSOD After Wake from Sleep


BSOD and programs crash frequently

BSOD once a day for 5 days so far- Event 41 Kernel-Power

BSOD issues ntoskrnl.exe+14dca0

BSOD is in continuous loop & keeps restarting

BSOD during heavy downloading NETIO.sys system_service_exc

BSOD DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION error 0x0000013 random

BSOD Kernel-Power 41 (63) 0x8000000000000002

BSOD on my laptop dpc_watchdog_violation

BSOD Random Intervals. No pattern that I can work out.

BSOD randomly

BSOD random

BSOD random crash Clock_Watchdog _Timeout

BSOD often whilst downloading or browsing web

BSOD recurrent problem

BSOD in my ASUS k43SM

BSOD video_tdr_failure

BSOD when computer is left idle

BSOD when Installing Windows 8/10 !

BSOD scanning computer for virus's now EFI Filesystem gone

BSOD when left idle

BSOD utorrent

Bsod only from sleep mode please help!

BSOD when idle | ndisrd.sys | sfc/scannow error

BSOD crash and now my computer has to restore to restart

BSOD Memory_corruption

BSOD when idle

BSOD whea_uncorrectable_error hal.dll+37213 and ntoskrnl

BSOD Since Purchase 0x0000009f & 0x00000133

BSOD when laptop left idle

BSOD when downloading with Torrent


BSOD When playing LoL; Driver_Irql_Not_Less_Or_Equal

BSOD random to all the time

BSOD when starting up chrome or various software

BSOD usually while computer is left idle

BSOD while torrenting

BSOD on waking up from "sleep mode".

BSOD with StorPort.sys. possible cause

BSOD while using bittorrent clients

BSOD with uTorrent

BSOD while restarting the laptop

BSOD from various things ntoskrnl tcpip nvlddmkm mrxsmb10

BSOD when using Photoshop CC


BSOD after updates multiple times

BSOD when waking computer

BSOD while gaming "IRQL not less or equal"

BSOD when coming out of sleep mode just now

BSOD when downloading with bitTorrent

BSOD when computer is idle

Bsod Windows 8 code 0x00000133

BSOD when PC left Idle

BSOD-ing often

BSOD SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION nvlddmkm.sys and other thing

BSOD's at random

C:\ Permissions Driving Me Nuts! - Windows 8

BSOD while gaming - CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED 0xef

BSODs while uTorrent is running

By pass log in screen

Built-into-windows Onedrive won't work

BSOD When waking up from sleep

Built-in monitor on Dell Vostro 3550 does not work in Windows 8 Pro


Can I use my Win 8 Pro disk on another computer

BSOD Winload.exe error

Can a motherboard be de-associated with a Win 8 Key

Can I stop Windows 10 from installing

C drive size recommendations

Can I delete all these extra Network Adapters

Can I make input method application-specific in Windows 8

Can a Win 8 Pro upgrade key upgrade Win 7 home premium

Bulletstorm not launching in Windows 8: Consumer Preview

Can I Make Windows Tell Me It is Currently Updating

Can Windows 8.1 be installed as legacy MBR (Non-UEFI)

can i install windows 8 on my laptop with windows 7 key


Can I back up and restore when necessary

BSODs after update to Win 8.1 & while using Chrome

BSOD while running idle

BSODs when running uTorrent

Bypassing UAC on startup programs

BSOD while using Bittorrent.

Can i upgrade from windows 7

Can I get rid of the log in when booting

Can my Windows 8 Pro System Builder be installed on multiple computers

BSOD while idle

can i save/export my start layout

can i change inactive windows color

Can I update windows 8 core to pro using that 15 update k

Can i upgrade to Win 10 pro from my Win8.1 home

Can I Still Upgrade

BSOD while using Photoshop

Can I revive my old windows licence on my Surface Pro

Can i clean install win8 pro on my w7 ssd on new mobo

Can I change the order of auto startup programs Win8

Can you control ~cache~ on Start menu search

Can I use windows 7 on another pc after I upgrade to Win 8

Can i disable minimize windows on taskbar thumbnail hover

Can People tile app view be customized

Cannot access windows start screen

Cannot activate after clean installation (license issue)

Can the Release Preview be used daily

BSOD's help please

Can not create a new local user

Bsod: Driver_page_fault_in_freed_special_pool

Cannot boot UEFI install

Cannot format SSD during Windows Install on new system

BSOD/Crash: Possible graphics issue

cannot access the uefi menu

Can not set pin or picture password

Can OneDrive be removed from Notification Icons center

Cannot create recovery drive + A few other questions

Can I upgrade oem vista for a different pc

Cannot Boot From Startup Repair Disk

Cannot copy a file from PC A to PC B in homegroup

Cannot boot Windows after updates

Cannot get login screen

cannot reattach Virtual drive after reboot

cannot use activation key

Cannot add tiles to desktop

Cannot Oplen Power Change Advanced Power Settings Link

Cannot re-enable disabled RealTek HD Audio

Can you arrange icons in toolbars

cant access the menu Network & Internet on Control Panel

Can't activate windows

Cannot type the letter "O" and "L" after switching lockscr

cannot create more than one user account

Cannot run any Admin programs

Cant access a network printer though Windows 8

cannot connect to network to update

Cannot do system restore or refresh after partition crash

Cannot wakeup from sleep; reboots

Can't add a user to windows

cannot get into windows store

Cannot get rid of login screen

BSOD with minidump files

Can I buy a Prod. key to use with DVD

Cannot open Bluetooth settings

Can't configure login by fingerprint

Cannot turn off Taskbar Animations

Cannot activate with our legitimate VL Key

Cannot add a User Account

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