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8.1 Built In Skydrive Takes Ages To Upload Files If At All


I regularly read your columns and blog. This convenience is similar to what you get with Dropbox and SugarSync. Discover more: Productivity, Tutorials, Programs, OneDrive, Windows View commentsAdd new comment Related Articles OneDrive At The Core Of The Windows 8.1 Experience - What Does it Mean? The service has been known as SkyDrive, Live Mesh, FolderShare, and other things since its birth. have a peek here

The original shipping version of Windows 8 embraced this new way of doing things, but it also provided hidden access to the legacy system image tools: You can read Windows 8 But when using a PC, everything just works normally. Enter Your Email Here to Get Access for Free:

Go check your email! Reply Steve Huff says: February 8, 2014 at 11:23 am Thanks for this post - it worked great and helped a lot!

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Note, too, that Windows 8.1’s SkyDrive integration also includes settings sync, camera roll integration, and more. However, as I understand it, in this setup you can no longer use File History to backup those files since it is only the thumbnails on the PC. But now I'm on Windows 8 and it forces me to use outdated Skydrive. I could setup File History, but there's a huge chance that it will either be gone or majorly changed in Windows 9, so I doubt I will waste my time with

Here's a summary of the pricing compared with that of the other services: Device Syncing Microsoft likes to refer to OneDrive as a "device cloud." WithWindows 10 PCs and Windows Phones, Once again it seems they're determined to anger users who don't want to change how they do everything to get a few improvements here and there. Read our review, and you’ll know if it fits your needs and wishes: Categories Productivity Entertainment Security Smartphone Smarthome Health Other Links Login or register Search Subscription options About us Contact Windows 8.1 System Restore Login or register to post comments ozaz on Jul 17, 2013 Have you tried recimg/slimimage?

Thank you very much! System Recovery Windows 8.1 Hp Login or register to post comments Pookie on Aug 14, 2013 Dear Paul, As a professor of computer science, I am amazed at your truly careless attitude towards the removal of SkyDrive existed before Windows 8 but it's one of the OS's best features! http://winsupersite.com/windows-8/microsoft-explains-skydrive-integration-windows-81 And with SkyDrive automatically and more deeply integrated in Windows 8.1, I don’t actually sync any of that, though it’s all available through File Explorer and in Metro. (I now use

Nice work! Windows 8.1 Recovery Usb Download When my desktop PC died the other day, I went through a predictable and frustrating series of recovery attempts, but the truth is, I lost nothing but a hunk of metal My solution would never cause data loss. If you're a desktop user, the most obvious place you'll see SkyDrive is in the File Explorer window.

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The commands I suggested is the supported way to easily reset the sync without data loss. If you want the same set of files replicated on multiple PCs, it provides folder syncing. Windows 8.1 Recovery Download Open Explorer and right-click your SkyDrive folder and select Properties. 2. Windows 8.1 Recovery Image You can find out about this legacy usage in my article Windows 7 Feature Focus: Backup and Restore, but the short version goes like this: At any given time, a Windows

And to be perfectly clear, moving to the cloud, I'm fairly certain I would be better off without a Microsoft operating system, both financially and operationally. navigate here Login or register to post comments navarac on Jul 17, 2013 The legacy "Windows 7 Backup didn't feature in Windows 8.0 Preview, but surfaced (no pun intended!) in 8.0 RTM. We're not all in a 'Modern UI/Metro' world yet. 2. It takes a very long time to reset, which is a waste of time when only a few files are causing the trouble. Windows 8.1 System Image

Like iCloud for iPhones and iPads, OneDrive lets smartphone users—with iPhones or Androids running the service's app as well as Windows Phones—automatically upload photos (and videos) taken with the phone's camera I also disagree with you on the utility of the ribbon ;). I MADE SURE THIS WAS AN ADMINISTRATIVE ACCOUNT and then 4. Check This Out Issue after issue I've agreed with you.

So why are you trying to screw people over now? Windows 8.1 Recovery Media You'll no longer need the SkyDrive client app installed. I don't recommend this for quick sync fixes - it takes a very long time to re-sync.

It was a branding change, not so much a tech change.

I was prompted to name my new, local account and provide a password. If I have multiple PC's using the same account, PC 1 and PC 2. If you choose OneDrive, uninstall your DropBox or Google Drive extensions and thenceforth visit them only via your Internet Browser. Windows 8 Recovery Usb Download For other mobile platforms such as Blackberry, a mobile Web interface is available, and for desktop access when you're not at your own computer, the full-feature Web app is available.

Better still, you did it in a manner that I can record and repeat if things run afoul again. It's pretty slick. Of course, because it's built-in to the OS, I use those folders all the time, across many machines, so it's good that it works most of the time… Dropbox is bound this contact form I know you are a minimalist.

What can you do when you know that something is wrong, but you don’t know exactly what? Johnson says: August 18, 2014 at 10:38 pm The sad thing is that I had to do my procedure again when reinstalling windows on my Surface Pro. So Microsoft has removed the legacy system image backup capabilities in Windows 8.1 (though I sort of expect them to provide it separately for that backwards compatibility bit). Login or register to post comments DELETE ACCOUNT on Jul 25, 2013 The biggest problem for me with SkyDrive is...

I could browse for a photo from SkyDrive, but the image I wanted to use was located in my SkyDrive Pro account. Reply Arthur P. Therefore you have to choose between using either Skydrive or File History to backup your files. I had finally gotten rid of Symantec Ghost in favor of SI as a free solution, and here I am back where I started (potentially) needing to buy Ghost again.

Thank you for your feedback! If I had to recover from a serious issue without it, it would be a few days of installing all of the stuff I need, getting all of my projects set In a OneDrive mobile app, shake the device to get help or share feedback on OneDrive. I don't have the time.

Shadow Explorer is deceived by the compatibility layer. The OneDrive is partially unusable as the rebuild takes place. SharePoint upload limits raised to 2GB files, allows .exe in Windows 8 News Read more at: Microsoft raises SharePoint Online upload limits to 2GB files, allows .exe uploads | ZDNet Upload Using OneDrive From Other Windows Modern Apps What makes OneDrive an integral part of the Windows ecosystem is the fact that any Windows modern-style app can take advantage of its cloud

It was a permissions issue on one of the files.