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Any Way To Add A User Command To The W8.1 Start Button


If I am on the start screen, clicking on, for instance' "event viewer" gets me back to the desktop, but does not open the event viewer. You can opt to bypass the Windows 8 Start screen if you wish. If you want to look at the research I mentioned earlier, I highly recommend the following blog post from the Windows team: blogs.msdn.com/…/reflecting-on-your-comments-on-the-start-screen.aspx The link above contains all the numbers and You can also close the app by clicking on the familiar X in the upper right corner. Check This Out

It was published when launching Windows 8 to give interested parties more information than just the one on blogs.msdn.com/…/designing-the-start-screen.aspx You may also find this one interesting: blogs.msdn.com/…/creating-the-windows-8-user-experience.aspx I don't expect this The Godwin Gambit lol. http://www.facebook.com/ronald.stepp Ronald Stepp I hardly think dragging up into the top right corner and hovering around until the menu decides to pop out is a "simpler" way to do things. Can't wait to see what is coming for upgrades. https://www.eightforums.com/general-support/33932-any-way-add-user-command-w8-1-start-button.html

How To Get Start Menu In Windows 8

Arash Jafari Wow, an accusation… where have I heard that beforeā€¦ - Facts are facts no matter who presents them. - Argument can be good or bad but still valid no And I couldn't locate a folder where ViStart stores its menu shortcuts. i'm no "M$ FANBOI", but these are quite useful, especially for me, since i regularly download pirated games most of which are as ISOs. It's not the guts of anything.

The ol' Desktop. ----------------- Works a treat! Excellent point and one I am taking to heart. We afford users the flexibility either way. Windows 8.1 Enable Start Menu The Windows 8.1 interface, while an improvement, is still broken.

But if you do want to boot to the desktop that can be achieved with a single setting or Group Policy. 3 years ago Reply Joao Sousa Botto Armandt Burger, you So there seems no way to customize the menu. Make sure show hidden files has been enabled. navigate to these guys There are some 3rd party tools out there that enable that, though. 3 years ago Reply bill What a complete waste of time and space. (Windows, not this excellent article.) DON'T

Did you drink the coolaide while interning at Microsoft?? Windows 8.1 Classic Start Menu Clicking on a desktop icon called RetroUI Settings offers several sections of options to configure. Can I go ahead and give microsoft or apple a few thousand dollars so I can reserve my spot for future windows 9, 10, 11, and so on? Thank you for giving me a good laugh this morning. :) http://www.facebook.com/ronald.stepp Ronald Stepp There are plenty of people who prefer it to 7.

Windows 8 Classic Start Menu

At its Build conference in April, the software giant revealed that it will bring back a new and hopefully improved Start menu in the next update to Windows 8.1. http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001374.htm A new folder called Windows 8 Apps displays links to all of your Windows Store (formerly Metro) apps. How To Get Start Menu In Windows 8 max999 LOL! Windows 8 Start Button Download All the start button solutions are 3rd party, have yet to see M$ give people that option back.

The advantage of a batch file is that you can leave it on your desktop or other easy to access location on your computer and when the start button doesn't work his comment is here Retraining? nkinzel You chastise him for name calling, then express your wish for him to have physical harm visited upon him. Its quite a bit to get my head around but I'm prepared to invest the time to learn how best to use Windows 8. Windows 8 Start Button Missing From Taskbar

Was this page useful? Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. You see the beauty of the new touch UI as soon as you use it on a tablet. this contact form http://twitter.com/GorillaDaGoon Juan Gotti Well here is an adequate analogy.

Thanks Stardock! 3 years ago Reply David What the hell have they done???? Restore Start Button Windows 8 Available from Iobit, Start Menu 8 is a basic Start menu with enough options to tweak it to your tastes. Like everything, there has been alot of change throughout the Windows client and server OS releases over the years.

The latest version of Classic Shell lets you bypass the Start screen even faster.

To revert to a single app onscreen, click and drag the vertical bar all the way to the other side of the screen from that app. You can switch the left view between all your programs and just the most recent ones. But considering the needs of every one of my small business customers I don't see any apps and/or touch screen as being any part of what they need to get their How To Get Start Menu In Windows 8 Like Windows 7 More childish claims and lies to sell a childish kindergarten style failure of an unusable interface that Metro/ModernUI is all about user 9693 it's only unusable on desktops on touch it's

himagain @sean: Nahhh, I'm sure they wouldn't do something like that, it would be not nice. Figure 4 Grouping Start screen tiles in Windows 8.1 Tip #9: Change the Size of Your Start Screen Tiles In Windows 8 you could choose from two different sizes for the If you want to avoid the Windows 8 UI instead, you can disable the Charms bar and hot corners to stay fully in the desktop. navigate here Login or register to post comments sharpsone on Jun 26, 2013 Curious why you feel this way about?

the potential incapacity to adapt of the average user. Instead of directly displaying the menu, the program shows you a series of six buttons that form more of a Windows control center. Another icon shows you a list of recent files. That's why I never boot directly to the desktop.

If you're looking for a simple, no-frills Start menu, there are better choices here. Thanks to a feature called Enforce, you can launch a Windows 8 app from the program's Start menu, and it opens in its own resizable window directly on the desktop. The tiles menu is good...but to pop up the "all apps"...just too disorganized. Don't get me wrong it's a good start for touch but too drastic for the Desktop.

Preet However Windows 8.1 has fixed it yet in new interface you have to waste time scrolling those idiotic big tiles to find out what you need. windows phone sales are steadily dropping, and iphones are still pretty steady. Just like all the mindless hype about how bad Vista was, this is no different, certainly not better. I'm not 100% certain, but I'd bet that our internal Product Group has been following this post and values the detailed and thorough response, too. 47 years ago Reply Joao Sousa

Big learning curve for me considering my previous laptop is a Thinkpad X200s running Windows XP. It is not the duty of consumers to adjust themselves to the wants and needs of vendors. Does it not seem utterly foolish that Microsoft did not develop and include these tools? http://www.facebook.com/ronald.stepp Ronald Stepp So they're going against the general trend of slow sales for this version?