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Anyone With A Single Boot SSD On UEFI Tests If Win8 Really Boots Fast


If you're reasonably comfortable with how BIOS-style booting works and you don't think you need Secure Boot, it's pretty reasonable to use BIOS-compatible booting rather than UEFI-style booting in this situation FD44Editor detects the RIVE perfectly fine and I know that for sure (I gave CodeRush the sample FD44 module for the RIVE myself so he could add support:)). You really cannot do a completely successful UEFI-native installation of an OS if you boot its installation medium in BIOS compatibility mode, because the installer will not be able to configure EFI system partitions I actually really wrapped my head around the EFI system partition concept while revising this post, and it was a great ‘aha!' moment. Check This Out

The spec says a UEFI-compliant firmware must support UEFI FAT partitions with the specific GPT partition type that identifies them as an "EFI system partition", but it doesn't say the firmware So bear with me if the answer is hidden somewhere in the forum. Voila! GPT is just a standard for doing partition tables - the information at the start of a disk that defines what partitions that disk contains.

How To Make Windows 8.1 Boot Faster

So I went ahead and updated BIOS. Its extremely snappy. You would also turn the Option ROM Messages on if, say, you wanted to enable your ethernet ROM in order to boot over the network… that sort of thing. These requirements aren't present entirely out of the goodness of Microsoft's heart, or anything - they're present in large part because other people explained to Microsoft that if they weren't present,

If you don't have an HDD bigger than 2 TiB to boot from, there's no problem in the first place. About 8 sek before I can see anything on the screen. One thing I noticed though, it "shutdowns" differently on a restart. Windows 8.1 Slow Boot Black Screen If you have an SSD for booting (which of course can't be that big because such big SSDs don't exist) and only want to use GPT for data storage, that's all

There could in principal be malware for bios and someone even claimed to have it, but it never was shown. How To Make Windows 8 Faster On Laptop Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * gokul June 15, 2016 at 10:08 pm my sisters laptop which runs dual core 2gb ram and a age old hdd boots Then you need to copy "Bootmgfw.efi" that you can find in "C: \ Windows \ Boot \ EFI" of an existing Windows 7 installation, to the "EFI \ Boot" directory and The SSD works perfectly fine in any other computer I put it in, in fact I'm typing this messages from a computer that has it in it.

The confusing cat Why are survival times assumed to be exponentially distributed? How To Speed Up Startup Windows 7 Really, do this. On startup, the information in the file is loaded to resume the system. Also, on my laptop quite a few things don't work properly, whereas on Windows everything worked and I'm not sure where the fault lies.

How To Make Windows 8 Faster On Laptop

After the installation you should only see "Windows Boot Manager". https://rog.asus.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-30520.html Open the Details tab to find out what slows down the boot time of your computer. How To Make Windows 8.1 Boot Faster Well, your mileage may vary. Windows 8.1 Boot Time I have a problem setting my raid0 array with 2 intel ssd's and after reading the guide and follow the conversations I still have some doubts on how to fix this.

umm, not really a delay, just takes longer then say MSI's Fastboot. http://scanrelief.com/windows-8/can-t-restore-refresh-windows-8-1-single-language-edition.html We could present all those neat efibootmgr capabilities rather more obviously - we can use that ‘don't respect BootOrder on the next boot, but instead boot this‘ capability, for instance, and Thanks for any thoughts you have! Thanks Nodens04-21-2013, 01:16 PMInstall Windows in UEFI is well for boot (single SSD, no RAID) This is valid for Windows 8, but for Windows 7, the boot is not faster So, How To Speed Up Windows 8.1 64 Bit Laptop

But when I disabled Hiberfil with powercfg-h off disappears hiberfil completely as the cause. My overall self-measured boot time was around that same number; ca. 32 seconds in the example shown below. Loading a UEFI-aware OS a device that is controlled by a traditional Option ROM. this contact form Warboy04-12-2013, 01:49 AMQuestion..

Oyvind Overby November 13, 2016 at 2:29 am | Permalink | Reply It would be nice to know why one should consider changing from the old BIOS/MBR thing to UEFI, assuming Windows 8 Slow Startup Fix Reply Johnny January 11, 2015 at 2:12 am My Samsung Ativ Book (Win 8.1, i7-4500U, Toshiba M2 SSD 256GB, 8GB DDR3-RAM) takes about 1 second for cold boot, sometimes 2 - It's supposed to improve boot time, but I found it doesn't make much different (I still leave it on, though).

The problem is I can't even boot the installation drive.

For motherboards that do not have CSM, (most likely any new EVGA boards like Z170 and the new z270 lines)it is recommended that you reformat them using the "Diskpart" utility in steps to take? 1. Is it bad practice to study or reference the work of an academic who has fallen from grace? Windows 8 Slow Startup Black Screen Oh and obviously selected "Other OS" in BIOS.

The HDD is only visible when I put it on the Marvell SATA to SATA X79. There are other benefits as well for more information: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/gg463149.aspx This Microsoft document applies to 7 as well. Ah ok, so with windows 7, not possible to disable the "CSM" smokeintheeye04-10-2013, 08:34 PManyone know where or if i can get a UEFI GOP bios, for a MSI HD 6970 navigate here Thanks, and the guide for setting things up was really great, just wish it worked for me.

Good, now we've got that out of the way. b)"Enabled" (This allows you to manually set priorities for different types of devices eg "UEFI first" means that if both exist, the UEFI driver will be chosen) c)"Disabled" This disables CSM But it still takes 20 sek from push startbutton to windows metro. Using Windows 7 (Not interested with windows 8). 2.

The additional 2 ports on the AMD chipset controller are the SATA optical drives, those set to IDE mode. video help | post reply | read more UEFI Enable Windows 8 64Bit and Linux or Other Unix variants or Distros Installation Dual Boot location: microsoft.com - date: August 5, 2012 Lock can't be removed. My laptop uses UEFI instead of BIOS.

Any help is appreciated! And this is indeed what it's usually used for. What is the UEFI Mode? 2. Really am stuck here.

In Windows 8, a Faster Startup feature allows for record boot times. View 3 AnswersView Related Installation :: Reverting From Win10 Using Macrium System Image Of Win8.1 Oct 24, 2015 If I revert from Win 10 back to Win 8.1 by restoring an Keep in mind that every boot is different. Anyway, I'm pretty sure this is what I did with the other mobo that had the same symptoms… It was awhile ago!

You're selecting the system drive and that can't happen.